Sunday, October 15, 2006


The vet thinks that Muffy has cancer that started as a mammary tumor and has spread to her lung. She’s had two blood tests and an x-ray for the vet to make this diagnosis. The calcium levels in the blood tests were high and there was a spot on her lung in the x-ray. She’s booked in for another x-ray next Tuesday 17 October to see if the suspected tumor in her lung has increased in size. The vet will then be able to give us a better idea of her life expectancy. We have decided not to go down the chemotherapy path.

So far, she isn’t showing any outward signs of it. There is no coughing, no weight loss, no aversion to food, no great thirst, and no tiredness except what you would normally see in an aged dog. Yesterday she buried three big lamb shanks and retrieved one of then this morning for a snack. She still digs holes and cavorts around, wags her tail almost constantly (even sometimes in her sleep) and is always happy little chappie.

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