Thursday, October 19, 2006

the vet was wrong

Muffy had her x-ray yesterday. The vet sedated her for the x-ray and she came home feeling no pain. Our little space cadet. She adopted the tripod leg position in order to keep from listing sideways. Not one to give up and sleep it off, she tried to do all her usual things with varying degrees of success. Her attempt at jumping off the lounge wasn’t particularly graceful but at least she made it to the floor, admittedly in the spider position with legs akimbo.

The spot on her lung appeared to be much much smaller. He has revised his diagnosis. The spot on her lung is most likely not cancer. So now, because she shows no obvious signs of the suspected mammary tumour having spread - he has recommended that it be removed. So…back to the vet on Friday 20th October for surgery.

Last night the three of us had the best night’s sleep we’ve had for quite a while.

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