Sunday, October 15, 2006

whoever invented air conditioning - we say thankyou thankyou thankyou

It’s been bloody hot here over the past two days. Working outside is out of the question during the middle of the day, although Greg has made good progress on cutting down the invasive black bamboo. Some will be burned, some will end up as stakes for the garden. The bamboo patch will eventually end up as a big frog pond. We’ve already trenched around it and will be getting a bobcat in to dig the rest of the bamboo out prior to making the frog habitat.

We’ve planted around 100 trees. Some are thriving and some are suffering in the heat. More watering and mulching hopefully will alleviate their stress. The Wollemi Pine is still looking healthy, and at a purchase price of $50, we trust it continues to be.

The good news is that although it hasn’t rained for a while, there is no shortage of water. The Bellinger River and its tributary - Richarson’s Creek (where we source our water) - is still flowing strongly.

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