Saturday, December 9, 2006

LP to CD

We’ve been going through our record collection and listening to music, some of which we haven’t bothered with for about 30 years or more. (Retired people have the time to do that kind of thing…). Some of it is awful and some of it still sounds very good and of course they bring back memories of where we were and what we were doing when we first heard them. The ones that we really like are gradually being purchased on CD along with some others that we had never bought. Here’s our most recent purchase:

The Shadows complete singles As and Bs 1959-1980
Mahavishnu Orchestra - Mahavishnu (1984)
Mahavishnu Orchestra
- Apocalypse (1974)
Mahavishnu Orchestra - The inner mounting flame (1971)
Mahavishnu Project Phase 2 (2003)
Visions of an inner mounting apocalypse - a fusion guitar tribute (2005)
Mahavishnu Orchestra - Birds of fire (1973)
LAGQ’s guitar heroes (2004)
Mahavishnu Orchestra
- Visions of the emerald beyond (1975)
David Sanborn - Heart to Heart (1978)
David Sanborn - Pearls (1995)
The Loved Ones - Magic box (1995)

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