Tuesday, January 23, 2007

lace monitor

The Lace Monitor (varanus varius) is commonly known as the Goanna. We spotted this goanna on the weekend snooping around our cabin. (The second photo isn’t taken by us but shows detail of the reptile’s head).

Goannas can grow to a length of 210 cm and the tail makes up half its length. They forage on the ground and will take to a tree when disturbed. They feed on insects, spiders, reptiles, caterpillars, small mammals, nestling birds and carrion.

Early in summer, numerous males may congregate in the vicinity of a receptive female often resulting in spectacular chases and ritual combat. Clutches of 8-12 eggs are laid.

If cornered, the Lace Monmitor will distend its throat and hiss loudly. It may also rear on its hind legs. Here are some Lace Monitors in action on YouTube.

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