Tuesday, January 9, 2007

rivercare progress

We are members of the Orama River Care Association (ORCA). We and a few other members of ORCA have been lucky enough to be included in a river care project offered by Bellinger Landcare as a result of a successful bid for government funding. The goals of the project are to slow the flow of the river during flooding, to create an environment where silt and soil builds up after a flood rather than being carried down river and to re-vegetate the riparian area to create an attractive environment for native animals such as platypus, water dragons and turtles.

This will be achieved firstly by ‘retard fencing’. Approximately 80 timber posts have been put in place with a post driver in lines at right angles to the river bank. The posts will be connected by fencing wire to assist in the build up and collection of silt during floods and to slow the flow of the river.

To further slow the flow of the river and to create an attractive habitat for wildlife we will be planting around 1000 endemic rainforest species on the toe, middle and upper bank of the riparian area.

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