Wednesday, January 31, 2007

stormy weather

The 26th January is Australia’s national celebration day and a public holiday. On Australia day this year a hail storm accompanied by very strong winds came through the valley.

Trees came down, branches were ripped from trees, and outdoor furniture was lifted and thrown against building walls. There was no damage to the rennovations though, except that because the windows and doors were open, the newly laid timber floor got soaked. We were without power for a few hours afterwards. The car narrowly escaped. There were branches down all around it.

After the storm had passed, we heard timber cracking and breaking and went outside to see that another branch had come down at the side of the car. Luckily only the smaller upper branches connected with the car.

Greg extricated the car using a chainsaw on the branches and cleared the driveway so the builders could get access to the rennovations. Today an arborist is here with his gang. He will mulch all the smaller branches and cut up the larger ones for firewood in winter. There are also half a dozen trees that need to be completely felled.

We were lucky not to have had any major damage to our buildings and have decided not to plant any big trees around the new house.

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