Wednesday, January 9, 2008

another flood

It had been raining most afternoons for weeks. We fed Muffy her last can of Hills Prescription Kidney Diet food and reminded ourselves that we would have to go into Bellingen tomorrow (Saturday) to get some more. The vet had ordered it in earlier in the week but the food that arrived was for cats.

It rained all night. When we awoke on Saturday it was obvious that a trip to Bello was out of the question. The river had risen overnight and all bridges along Darkwood Road would be impassable.
It was Monday by the time the bridges became passable. In the interim Muffy survived on one can of KD bulked out with potato for three nights.

From our balcony looking downstream:

Interesting to compare the above photo (taken during a flood in summer) with the one below (taken during a frost in the previous winter). It also gives an idea of how quickly things grow here. The sheoaks in the foreground of the above picture are a lot bigger than the ones in the picture below but only half a year separates the two photos.

Richardson's Bridge is under there somewhere:

The underwater bridge creates a line of turbulence on the surface:

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