Saturday, April 5, 2008


Cathy lives in Engadine, Sydney. She came up for a holiday recently. We did lots of driving, lots of shopping and lots of reading. This photo was a mistake - I forgot to set the flash - but it turned out quite nicely - moody and atmospheric - probably better than it would have if I had remembered to use the flash.

Cathy has 2 new members of her family: Mitch (white nose) and Bella. Cathy got them from a cat adoption organisation.

Cats can wreak havock on birds and wildlife if their owners allow them to roam outside, especially at night. Their instinct is to hunt and they are very smart and successful hunters and killers.

Mitch and Bella have a responsible owner in Cathy who will pamper and spoil them and give them toys to play with, and lots of hugs and special treats, while keeping them inside her apartment, out of danger from cars, and unable to inflict harm on native birds and animals. They will go for walks on a leash and go visiting in their carry cages.

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