Friday, June 6, 2008


Winter is closing in and every autumn we ask ourselves the same question: whether we will have enough wood to see us through the winter. In the depths of winter we light the slow combustion fireplace in the evening. Before we go to bed, we load it up and bank it down and it burns slowly - keeping the house cosy until the following morning.

Another consideration for us rural folk is whether our timber for burning is the right timber. Dry hardwood is best. It takes longer to burn and doesn't contain as much creosote as other timbers.

No worries on that score for possibly a few years thanks to the timber off-cuts left over from when the old house was pulled down and the new house was built. Greg has been sawing them into fireplace sized bits for two days and stacking them against a wall in one of our outbuildings.

Greg reckons that this photo is actually an MRI of his brain.

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