Friday, July 18, 2008

YouTube - Potholer54

The 'Made Easy' series was made and posted by "Potholer54" on YouTube. They are entertaining and well worth watching. Potholer54 has been a journalist for 20 years, 14 years as a science correspondent. He has a degree in geology, but while working for a science magazine and several science programs he had to tackle a number of different fields, from quantum physics to microbiology. He says that his particular talent was his ignorance. By not understanding half of what he was assigned to cover, he had to reduce scientific discoveries from the complex to the simple. If he wrote it in a way that he could understand, then his readers could understand it as well. Hence the 'made easy' series. Potholer54 lives in Australia.

About the made easy series
1. History of the universe made easy
2. History of the universe made easy part 2
3. The origin of life made easy
4. The story of earth made easy
5. The age of our world made easy
6. Natural selection made easy
7. The theory of evolution made easy
8. Human evolution made easy
9. Human ancestry made easy
10. The scientific method made easy
11. Creation science made easy
God and DNA made easy
Errata 2

A new series has started:

Creationist junk debunked #1

Brilliant! Stay tuned!

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