Saturday, August 30, 2008

more on muffles

Well, we haven't been happy with the advice we've been getting from our regular vet (the one that said two years ago that Muffy had cancer that had metastasised(?) to her lungs and that she would die any day) (also the one that said that she had chronic renal failure and put her on a low protein diet last October which she really hated and was miserable on and lost 2 and a half kilos of her 10 kilos total weight). I took her in to the same vet recently because I was worried about a stiffness and weakness in her back legs. The vet thought that she could see signs of canine vestibular disease! I said that I couldn't see it. The receptionist could see it too! But no, we watched her for any signs of head tilt for the next few days and there was nothing. But still the back legs weakness was there. So we decided to get a second opinion.

About time I hear you say. And you would be right! Its' funny how we just trust that medical practitioners are all knowing and telling us the facts. I suppose it's harder to diagnose dogs because they can't say what's hurting.

Well, the new vet did more blood tests and a number of urine tests and said without shadow of a doubt that Muffy hasn't got chronic renal failure. It was only an acute episode cause by something unknown. He also said that she was carrying a large bacterial load with very dirty teeth.

So, she was taken off the heart tablets that were part of the treatment for chronic renal failure and given a course antibiotics. She went back on her normal diet, much to her delight! She had a teeth clean under anaesthetic. Her mouth looks great! She is also taking tablets for pain and inflamation which seem to be helping her back leg problem.

Best of all, she is much much happier. She used to wag her tail all the time but during the special kidney diet phase she kept her tail firmly between the legs and always looked uninterested and folorn. Now she's back to tail wagging and even puts on little spurts of cavorting round the house. But still she's mostly sleeping because she's a very old girl at 17.

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