Friday, January 11, 2008


Since the house has been built, we've been doing lots on the outside (when it's not too hot). There's a covered walkway between our main house and the studio/poolroom. This is what it looked like when the house was just built. The photo was taken from the verandah of the main house looking towards the studio/pool room (which wasn't quite finished). The walkway is the sloping roofed bit roughly in the middle:

To soften it we decided to plant some passionfruit vines along the northern side of the walkway. We put up some mesh for the passionfruit to grow on. It looks pretty ugly at the moment. You can just see the newly planted passionfruit (three of them) below the floor level:

They're growing very quickly and have now reached the mesh. We hope too that the passionfruit will provide us with tasty fruit and at the same time give the north facing poolroom windows protection from the winter sun. They can be seen in the centre of the photo to the right of the buddha head sculpture.

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