Tuesday, February 17, 2009


We're flooded in at the moment. It bucketed down overnight and we woke to a very swollen river this morning.  We are cut off in the east by Guesses Bridge and in the west with Richardson's Bridge. Between the two bridges there are seven properties. 5 of the 7 properties are occupied at the moment.

Guesses Bridge is underwater. This is looking east over Guesses Bridge down Darkwood Road. This is our road out to Thora store and Bellingen:

Richardson's Bridge is underwater. Darkwood Road and the bridge are under there somewhere. This is looking west, up the valley.

The view looking downstream from our verandah:

Soggy male and female Blue Wrens taking shelter on our verandah:

Lots of meetings take place on the road between the two bridges. There's not much else to do:

Taken from the verandah of our poolroom/studio:

Taken on the riverbank in front of our house. You can also see the state of play with our lomandra planting project to the right:

Strange mushrooms that appeared as the water receded:

Our bromeliads are liking all this water. This one has decided to flower:

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