Tuesday, February 17, 2009


We're flooded in at the moment. It bucketed down overnight and we woke to a very swollen river this morning. Luckily Greg made a dash into Bellingen yesterday to stock up on fresh supplies. There's no chance of us starving however. We have a freezer full of pork from a beast our neighbour slaughtered recently. Another neighbour has plenty of eggs on tap. We are cut off in the east by Guesses Bridge and in the west with Richardson's Bridge. Between the two bridges there are seven properties. 5 of the 7 properties are occupied at the moment.

Guesses Bridge is underwater. This is looking east over Guesses Bridge down Darkwood Road. This is our road out to Thora store and Bellingen:

Richardson's Bridge is underwater. Darkwood Road and the bridge are under there somewhere. This is looking west, up the valley.

The view looking downstream from our verandah:

Soggy male and female Blue Wrens taking shelter on our verandah:

We'll have to wait until the river recedes before we can assess the damage to our riverbank tree planting project. Most of the trees are submerged:

Lots of meetings take place on the road between the two bridges. There's not much else to do:

Taken from the verandah of our poolroom/studio:

Taken on the riverbank in front of our house. You can also see the state of play with our lomandra planting project to the right:

Strange mushrooms that appeared as the water receded:

Our bromeliads are liking all this water. This one has decided to flower:

Nothing whatsoever to do with the flood, but here's Greg's lizard sculpture which I tardily neglected to upload to the blog at the time he finished it some months ago:

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