Saturday, February 7, 2009

Jack be nimble

Jack's place is coming along nicely. We think another week and a half and Jack can move in. And then we can start all over again on the room that Jack's moving out of...

It's damn hot here, like everywhere else in eastern Australia at the moment, so we try to do most of our work in the early morning or late afternoon.

The kitchen is a 'flatpack' modular thingy from Bunnings. A lot of palaver to put together but cheaper than anything else. We did have big probs with Bunnings though. We bought what was in stock in the 'modern gloss white' style of cupboard finish. They were out of stock of one 600 mm cupboard. So, we asked when they would be getting more in - they said about a week. Built part of the kitchen with the ones we had bought and went back in a week's time to buy the rest, and they weren't on the shelves. On inquiring, we were told that that style and colour had actually been discontinued for about 6 months!

Why then did they have it still on the shelves for us or anyone else to buy without some notice saying that that was all there was going to be - ever. It turns out that there was one of what we needed to complete the kitchen in their warehouse in Melbourne, so another week to wait until it is delivered......Phew!

And here's the bathroom:

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