Wednesday, April 1, 2009

more flooding

Another flood today, and quite a big one. This is the worst one we've had since we moved here 2 years ago. Our poor trees that we planted on the river bank as part of a riverbank restoration grant have buckley's chance of surviving this one. They're all underwater at the moment. Meanwhile we're once again cut off both upstream and down. The good news is that we still have electricity, which is quite unusual. Usually, rising flood waters and blackouts go hand in hand. We're guessing that our water system will be wrecked again too and the boys will have to brave mozzie and leech infested rainforest to repair it once again.


Craig Nelson said...

Ah Marion, don't despair about the trees. I suspect you'll be pleasantly surprised how many of them have hung on. Once you find them under all the debris.

Marion said...

Thanks Craig - hope you're right. In fact, as the flood recedes, the devastation isn't as awful as we'd first thought. There's a couple of very deep holes opened up though, that must have been part of the earthworks after the other big one.