Tuesday, May 26, 2009

3rd flood - floodwaters receding over Richardson's Bridge

Sunday 24 May looking towards Richardson's Bridge (underwater). Tree stump from previous post is visible in the middle of the road.

Part of the road seems to be washed away:

Monday 25 May. The river went down further revealing a very large and deep washaway. We christened it 'Richardson's Falls'. This disaster, caused by a change in river direction upstream which in turn was partly caused a couple of islands created by a build up of river oaks, and partly by the bridge itself, which forces flood waters sideways targeting the approach to the bridge and our land.

Tuesday 26th - Richardson's Bridge becomes visible as flood waters recede further:

The serious gouging is now clearly visible. Looking towards the river, the remains of our retard fences can also be seen:

Looking towards Darkwood Road:

Tuesday 26th 2.00 pm - locals clearing debris from Richardson's bridge:

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