Tuesday, May 26, 2009

3rd flood - ballad of the Cool Creek girls

Another flood! This is the third one this year and the biggest. Last Thursday 21 May the river rose rapidly. Our neighbours from Cool Creek (10 km further up Darkwood Road) tried to cross Richardson's Bridge to get home to their dog before the flood waters made it impossible to make bridge crossings. The water had already come up over the bridge and larger 4WD vehicles were having no trouble getting across. The girl's car was a smaller Subaru and didn't make it across. The engine died when it was almost to the other side. They waded back to our place to get help to get the car off the bridge before the flood waters washed it away.

Our neighbour Darcey brought his tractor down to tow it back to our side of the bridge. Here's a link to the video of it being towed.

The girls stayed at our place until Monday 21 when they were helicoptered out to their Cool Creek property. The helicopter landed in a paddock opposite our place.

An innocent bystander in the paddock looked on:

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