Wednesday, June 3, 2009

what does a flood look and sound like?

Car breaks down on Richardson's bridge due to rising flood waters:

Darcey to the rescue part 1:

Darcey to the rescue part 2:

Darcey to the rescue part 3:

Darcey to the rescue part 4:

Flood waters engulfing our tree planting project. Some of the higher ones escaped:

Floods waters over tree planting project part 2:

Looking at where Richardson's Bridge would be just after the height of the flood:

Another one of Richardson's Bridge underwater as the flood is just beginning to recede:

Vistitors to our place will recognise the viewing platform which is on the riverside in front of the cabins:

The flood as filmed from the verandah of our house:

From the eastern side of our house:

Richardson's Bridge area - flood receding further:

Saying hello to someone trapped upstream on the other side of the bridge:

Receding more and beginning to reveal some damage:

Many thanks to Fiona McMullin for providing all the above footage.

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