Sunday, October 4, 2009

my trip to visit Ann at Alstonville

I visited a friend, Anne who lives in Alstonville recently. We were shopping on a windy day in Ballina when I saw this little dog waiting not so patiently in the back of a car for its owner to come out of the supermarket.

A lovely coloured little pony was grazing beside a laneway at Alstonville when we were looking around the countryside. I'm sure its colour is natural but it did look as if its owners had given it a dye job.

We bought some plants from a stall outside Whian Whian school and had lunch in its lovely grounds. The students had planted a small rainforest and there was a large bee's nest in a lower branch of one of the trees.

In search of more plants, we had a tasty and reasonably priced lunch at Windara Nursery at Casino. The nursery provides supported employment for people with disabilities. A palm in the garden there had both green and red fruit.

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