Sunday, January 9, 2011

Grace and Tiger

Missy and Pepper (now Grace and Tiger) came to Easy Street Retreat 7 Jan 2011. They are rescue greyhounds. Grace is a beautiful blue with a white chest and a white tip to her tail, and Tiger is a curious light cafe au lait/blue brindle with white extremities. Both are extremely elegant and beautiful in body and in nature and so, so eager to please. I got them from

Innumerable greyhounds are euthanased throughout the world after their racing careers are over, or before their racing career has fully begun if they show no promise, or during their racing career if they injure themselves.

Greyhounds are the oldest pure bred dog, dating back to the Pharoahs in ancient Egypt. The Greek goddess Diana is usually pictured with a greyhound at her side.

Greyhounds are are even-tempered and good-natured and are inherently well-socialised. They love everybody.

Typically, greyhounds rarely bark. They 'chatter' their teeth like castanets when happy or excited. Most greyhounds, because of their physiology, don't sit. They prefer to stand, lie, or adopt the sphynx position.

A standard resting position is the 'cockroach', where the dog is upside down with three or four of its legs in the air.

Greyhounds 'smile'. A greyhound smile almost looks like a snarl, except the top of the muzzle isn't wrinkled up. They do this when they are really pleased about something or want something.

Greyhounds are extreme lounge lizards and love nothing more than snoozing the day away on the couch. They usually require less exercise than many other breeds to keep them happy, healthy and content.

This is Tiger:

This is Grace:

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