Thursday, August 4, 2011

afternoon walk down easy street

Late every afternoon Jack and I take the dogs (Ruby, Tiger, Gracie and sometimes Ella) for a walk either down Easy Street to Guesses Bridge or up towards The Plains Bridge. The dogs know when it's getting near time. Tiger waits patiently by the door.

Outside, but still waiting for Jack and Ruby to get ready.

After the walk down Easy Street and across Guesses Bridge there's a short stop to admire the view upstream.

As we turn around for the walk back the late afternoon sun flashes behind the trees.

Over the bridge there's a cool walk up a rise in the shadows to the sunshine on the flat.

The coldest part of winter is over and spring is around the corner. On the flat the red cedars are beginning to sprout their red foliage.

Further on a jumble of huge staghorns and epiphytes bask in the last rays of the sun.

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