Monday, October 3, 2011

email messages

My family history website generates a lot of email messages. Some are kind offers of further information which is always gratefully received. Some are corrections which I'm also very grateful to receive. Others are simple thank yous which are always a joy. Very occasionally I receive one that can at best charitably be described as disheartening. Don't get me wrong. I'm happy to receive constructive criticism. But this type of email message is different and can be impolite, angry, threatening, name calling and/or accusatory. I wish these people would just take a few deep breathes, take a bex or two and have a good long lie down! Smell the roses people! Get a life. Get a pet. Buy a colouring in book. Make a cake. Give a present. Simmer down... I have to admit that it takes many encouraging email messages to erase the bad feeling I get from just one of the others.


busygnomes said...

Hi Marion,

It's lovely to find your blog, we are considering moving up to Thora, we will be up there in a couple of weeks to 'see', it's nice to get an insight from a local, thanks for sharing.
warmly kerrie

Anne Young said...

I thought I would leave an email message to say thank you for your Australian Royalty site. I think you are doing a great job of trying to pull it all together. Regards Anne

Celene Spencer Wills said...

I have only just been introduced to your site and am a keen researcher.
I love the idea of Australian Royalty and we deserve it if our family has been here for two hundred years. It makes us special.
Any information I find is always worth checking. I can add more to your Warby site particulary Sarah Warby married Alexander MacDonald. Would a gedcom file be acceptable. There is a book written about the Warby family which has all of the children and their descendants as known in the early 1990's.
Celene Spencer Wills.

Marion said...

Celene, thanks so much for the kind offer of a Gedcom. If I imported data electronically into my database - a gedcom would be the way to go, but because I prefer to hand enter everything it's best for me to receive individual reports from your Gedcom so that I can enter successive generations of individual lines and branches. You can send stuff to me at