Tuesday, October 11, 2011

lomandra city

Last season I saved hundreds of lomandra seeds from both hystrix and longifolia varieties and potted them. Bisecting my property is a steep bank by the river that was and still is covered with weeds in parts. My plan is to gradually replace all the weeds with lomandra, a native plant that grows naturally around here.

Lomandra has three great qualities. The first is that it can withstand extended periods being submerged, which is essential for when it floods. The second is that it produces an incredibly strong root-ball that more often than not, keeps the plant firmly attached to rocks or embedded in the ground as flood waters rage over them. The third is that, if planted densely, and if weeds can be kept away from them until they mature and knit together, they'll form a dense cover that smothers just about everything else.

After about three years of struggle, the whole width of the front of the house is done.

But there are still many more to plant! And they have to be all planted before it gets too uncomfortably hot and humid and before this year's seeds are ready to collect in early 2012.

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