Wednesday, January 25, 2012

visit from Coco

Coco arrived on Saturday 21 Jan 2012. We go way back to the early 90's when we lived in an inner city suburb of Sydney, and along with a couple of others, gained the collective nickname of 'the witches of Erskineville'. Coco was supposed to fly out today, Wednesday 25, but the Bellinger River flood hasn't abated enough to allow traffic to cross any of the Darkwood/Thora bridges. Meanwhile there's been lots of movie and TV watching and plenty of enlightened intellectual discourse centred around  men, life, the universe and men.

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busygnomes said...

The last line is funny:) Hopefully your friends gets out next week. Hope your high and dry, does any of the houses down darkwood road get affected with the floods?. My friend has just moved into darkwood road 10days ago, and so far she has had two floods, yikes!