Sunday, May 27, 2012


It's been about 5 years since the house was built and the neglected hardwood deck (which surrounds the entire house) needs a lot of TLC and elbow grease to get it back to what it looked like when first laid. I tackled the southern side first - as it had the least amount of sun damage - scrubbing it again and again with deck cleaning solution over a number of days until some semblance of the original colours appeared. Next came two coats of decking oil. I used Cabot's Aquadeck. At $155 a pop it's not cheap, but I was overjoyed with the result:

Now to tackle the northern (worst) side and the smaller east and west bits. There's so much of it I'm doing it in two stages. The bit that had no verandah cover and was constantly exposed to the elements was the worst - black in parts - needed an orbital sander to get rid of the mould and the tannin dew-dropped from an adjacent tree. Tiger relaxes on the already-scrubbed boards while I continue with the rest of it.

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