Sunday, May 27, 2012


In 2011 I bought a new fridge - a replacement for my aged energy-guzzling (side by side with ice maker and plumbed in water) Frigidaire which was purchased in about 1986. I wanted a side by side model that was as energy efficient as a 2 door could be. I settled on an Electrolux without the ice maker.

About a month ago I was making a cup of tea in the evening and went to the fridge to get the milk. As I opened the door, the whole thing slid to the floor and I was left holding the handle of a fridge door that was totally unattached to the fridge! I leaned the door up against the adjacent cupboard and stared into a loaded fridge with no door. I was for the moment disbelieving. How could this have happened?  How could a new fridge still under warranty fall apart so easily? The annoying high pitched beep of the fridge alarm brought me back to reality - unnecessarily alerting me to the obvious - a rapid rise in temperature. Duh!!

Jack and I managed to jury rig a metal pin that would temporarily replace the snapped plastic one on which the door bottom pivoted. We re-attached the door using the metal pin.

Jack, being tall, had a good look at the other (freezer) door. He noticed that the door didn't seal property along the top edge. He could put his finger through the gap! So much for energy efficiency. I've yet to receive the electricity bill...

Moving on, two weeks later the repair man came and pronounced that in his opinion the doors were the least of my problems.  There was a lot of condensation on both sides of the fridge. He suspected that the entire unit had been damaged in transit (made in the USA) and that the insulation was compromised.  He recommended a replacement.

A further week elapsed and my replacement fridge arrived. The same brand and model unfortunately, but at least it seals properly and no doors have fallen off!  Thank Dog for the Trade Practices Act and warranties.  The model series is ESE6107, ESE6977 (with ice and water), ESE7007, ESE6077 (with ice and water). The brand is Electrolux. You might want to steer clear.

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