Monday, October 1, 2012

please sign the petition to end advertising support for Alan Jones

I am embarrassed by Alan Jones' pursed lipped holier than thou attitude, and his bullying, hurtful, spiteful, and often misogynistic comments. His comments about Julia Gillard's father are the latest and perhaps the most outrageous and sickening that he has yet voiced. There's no excuse to demean and insult - whether he's just 'repeating' what someone else has said, whether he's at at a 'public' or 'private' event, whether said between a couple of people or at a 'rollicking' get together, whether he himself has been the subject of hurtful remarks, or whether or whether not ANZACs fought and died at Gallipoli. He certainly could do with a chaff bag himself - in which to collect all the bile that he so regularly vomits. By choosing not to pay 2GB to broadcast advertisements for their products, advertisers might help to lower his reach and influence. Please add your name to the petition.

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