Friday, January 25, 2013

NSW registry of BDM

The free online database of the NSW Regsitry of Births Deaths and Marriages records the year and place of the registration of births, early baptisms/christening, deaths and marriages.

The year and place of the registration is not necessarily the year and place that the event occurred.

The place of registration is usually (but not always) fairly close to the place that the event occurred and as such is often useful in providing an approximation. The year of registration of an event is usually the year  the event took place, except when it occurred at the end of the year and the event was not registered until early the following year.

In the absence of an actual extract or certificate, I use this registration information extensively in the birth, baptism/christening, death and marriage date and place fields of my Australian Royalty database. I always identify the information as having been obtained from the online database of the NSW Registry of BDM.

If I purchase or am able to locate or obtain an extract or certificate, my source will be recorded as, for example, "Certificate - death certificate".

About 12 months ago the registry quietly got rid of wild card searching. Since then exact spelling needs to be used. This change has made it much more difficult, and occasionally virtually impossible, to locate registrations.

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