Tuesday, July 8, 2014

genealogical snobbery

While I'm always very grateful to people for taking the time to send corrections to my "Australian Royalty" database, I do feel dismayed when I detect a whiff of genealogical snobbery.

Here's an email message I received today:

Dear Marion
I have come across your site "Australian Royalty" with my forebears in it, and there is incorrect information - the death of a person with the same name and approximate age has been incorrectly declared in two cases of early colonial born men.

I don't usually bother correcting these errors, however I have the feeling that because your site is called "Australian Royalty" others may think it is originally researched material and copy it 
I have tried to use your reply email with all those different alternatives, but can't fathom and just want to send an email direct from mine.
Could you please send an email address to contact you for that site and I will send you corrected information.
Thank you

 Heaven forbid if anyone mistakes my pathetic scribblings on "that site" for "original research"!  And why send an email message to my email address asking for my email address? Why not just send the bloody corrections and be done with it?

I've sent a polite reply...

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Nancy Joh leathem said...

Hey I think you are great, I love the effort you have put in and you have my tree, and I love how you present things, so there is a mistake or two at least you bother!!!! and here is a link to my blog so you can take the items connected to my tree if you like ( :) big smile) cant remember if I have sent it or not so here we go and have a great 2017! http://leathemhistory.blogspot.com.au/2014/07/index-of-links.html